What our customers say about XFRX ...

I just wanted to thank you for making XFRX work as well as it does now. I have modified the preview screen to include SMTP email capabilities and added a few other bells and whistles to the interface. It all works quite well and fast (even with VFP6).
XFRX is now a very good and easy-to-program product. Keep up the good work!

Pertti Karjalainen, Northern Lights Software


XFRX really is a great product - particularly the FDOC output - whilst the other Word output generators make it look right the thousands of text boxes in Word make it awful to edit. The FDOC is superb!

Stephen Ibbs, Data Developments, United Kingdom


You have a Great program, so simple to use and accomplish so much.

Kurt Sund, Q-Law Software


Thanks for the quick fix. XFRX is great!!! It’s so much easier to use compared to (...).

Greg Wanzong, Computapole


Since we made Eqeus software part of our application we have increased the number of "done deals" significantly; it is a great software that works smoothly behind our code. Our customers are just very happy with the PDF, MS Word and MS Excel generations, we definitly recommend it.

Juan Urbina, Surcharge Control LLC, President


Amazed at how quickly I was able to add very important functionality to all my applications. An outstanding tool, very easy to use, at a fair price with extremely responsive support. I have integrated into my personal use of VFE with no problem. Thank you Martin.

Charles Hankey, F1 Technologies, USA


The support that I have received from Eqeus is truly outstanding. I wish all software vendors were as helpful and responsive as Martin Haluza.

Mike Lewis, Mike Lewis Consultants Ltd

Edinburgh, Scotland, www.ml-consult.co.uk


You made a really good and useful product.  We are using it every day and really enjoy it.

Eric Crespin

INTEGRA Consultants Inc., CANADA


Your library is a great piece of software. We integrated it in our suite very easily. Now our customers can produce a PDF from any report and directly send it as an attachment via email.

Nicola Marangon, Penta srl, Italy


I received XFRX, installed it and had it working in no time.  An excellent product.

Barbara Hill, B.L.Hill Applications Limited, Canada


Your product works very well for me and is easy to use.  It is an excellent add on to VFP. Thanks!

Joel Hokanson, Service Integration Group, USA


Thanks for your excellent support and your excellent product.

Zafer Sukkarieh, Information Management Technology, USA


Just a quick note to say what a fantastic product XFRX is. We've put it into a new product we are developing and our client loves the prototype with in form preview and easy export. We now have your plain text output incorporated aswell - we use this in plain text emails to clients - which is becoming more common as companies turn off HTML on their emails. I see now you have added zip functionality. Excellent. I am really impressed with the regular updates you send through as well. Keep up the great work.

 Craig Bailey, Talman, Sydney, Australia


Thank you for an excellent product. It really is easy to use, and will help up greatly in our efforts to expand the capabilities of our software.

Lyall Swain, Programming Director, Synergy Software Solutions Limited, USA


During my researches on "FRX to other common file types" adds I have found XFRX as a product that is optimal considering speed and quality of generated output reports (doc/html/pdf). Technical support from Eqeus is really great. High recommendations!

Tomasz Tanski, LOTAN s.c., Poland


Fantastic ! I am normally a very slow learner, but with your easy to understand manual I copied the app and dll files, copied the code below and I had a report to PDF running in 15 minutes. So simple.

John Stephen, www.astarla.com


Having a newspaper as one of your clients you really experience what the term delivery dates, cutoff times and deadlines mean.  We needed to integrate PDF files created from several databases including CMYK images and vertical printing for a newspaper.  At the time several PDF products for Visual FoxPro existed but not one with all the capabilities as requested by the client.  One of them being XFRX. All I could do was to explain my situation, problem and deadline and hope for the best.  Being in South Africa with European timeframes is normally also a problem only receiving support the next day.  XFRX came to the party. From requesting the impossible to receiving it within very limited time frame. 

Since then I saw the product grow and grow with more and more utilities being added on a monthly basis making it possible to utilize XFRX in every application.  The support and product I received from XFRX is the type of product and support one would expect from a fellow FoxPro developer.  I can really recommend this utility.

Willie van Schalkwyk, Managing Director

USP Designs (Pty) Ltd., www.cyberprop.com