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NOV 2014

Just released XFRX 15.2 with a new data export to Excel feature

This new feature allows for exporting table/cursor data into Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheets, similarly to the COPY TO … TYPE XL5 command, with the following enhancements:

  • The number of records is not limited to 65K. The current Excel limit is 1,048,576 rows per sheet. If the number of exported rows is larger, the output goes into multiple sheets.
  • The generated file can be up to 2GB in size
  • Formatting options, including dynamic (conditional) formatting, column width, header names and styles and text trimming
Details and code samples are available in our documentation wiki at https://eqeuscom.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DOC/Data+export+to+XLSX+and+ODS

See Release Notes


SEP 2014

Just released XFRX 15.1 with a new native Excel output generator

There is a new, native (Excel app does not need to be installed), Excel output generator in the new version. We have also included numerous bug fixes and enhancements throughout the system. A lot of attention went into the PDF compatibility, asian and eastern languages support, unicode, font embedding and enhanced symbol and barcode font support.

See Release Notes


MAR 2014

Just released XFRX 15.0

The new version comes with a number of bug fixes and a completely redesigned HTML output generator. XFRX now generates cleaner, cross-browser compatible, fast rendering, CSS styled, HTML5 output, suitable for web pages as well as emails.

See Release Notes


NOV 2013

New XFRX version has been released (14.7) with native export to Word documents

The new version comes with a new Word output type both in standard and flow-layout modes. This is a pure FoxPro implementation - no third party component is needed, particularly the Microsoft Word application does not need to be installed.

  • Faster generation: this output type is significantly faster than the current DOC output type
  • Easier setup and enhanced stability: No COM dependence makes the application independent to external factors like corrupted word installations, "frozen" word exe's, etc.
  • Suitable for web applications
  • Users will not need to install the expensive professional Office suite to generate Word documents from your applications. The generated documents can be opened in all Office suites, including the click-once option.
  • We have also tested that the generated DOCX documents can be opened in Apple's Pages application.
The generated documents are equivalent to the standard word documents generated by XFRX and can be opened in Word versions 2003 (with a plugin), 2007 and newer. The output type codes are "NATIVE_DOCX" (standard) and "NATIVE_FDOCX" (flow layout).

See Release Notes


NOV 2013

New XFRX version is out - 14.6

This is a bugfix release that, among other bugs, fixes the intermittent Word freezing. We were able to get it fixed completely in Word 2007 by shuffling with objects z-index, unfortunately, they did something in 2010 and we couldn't make it work unless we save the output as docx. So from now, if you select the "DOC" or "FDOC" output type and you have Word 2010 or 2013, XFRX will generate the output as docx. We have also added two new output types - DOCX and FDOCX - that allow you to generate docx with Word 2007 as well.

See Release Notes