Complete reporting solution for your Visual FoxPro projects

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XFRX Private Cloud solution

  • Report viewer
  • Report aggregator and repository
  • Controlled via API from your FoxPro code
  • Designed for computers, tablets as well as phones

Data export to Excel and Open Office

  • New fast data export to Excel and ODS formats
  • No row count limit
  • Many formatting options

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New native Word and Excel generators

  • Pure VFP code
  • Faster
  • More stable
  • MS Office does not need to be installed

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XFRX Overview

Output formats

Currently supported output formats are: PDF, DOC, RTF, XLS, HTML, MHT, ZIP, TXT, XML, XFF (DBF), BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF and multipage TIFF). The DOC and RTF formats can be generated in absolute or flow output layout, which allows you to choose the best layout option depending on the actual report.

More info

VFP versions 6.0 - 9.0

XFRX is available for Visual FoxPro 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0. It contains its own report engine which is used in VFP 8.0 and earlier. In VFP 9.0, XFRX integrates into the new native report engine pipeline.

Advanced report previewer

Preview reports in an advanced localizable report previewing tool with hyperlink, drilldown and search capabilities. The previewer is either working as a standalone form or can be easily embedded into your forms.

Drawing API

Generated reports can be stored in an internal input-output file format with an option to modify the generated content – add graphics, shapes, new pages, generate custom graphics objects (e.g. graphs, watermarks) and many more. The internal file format can be converted to any of the output formats without need to reprocess the report.

New versions subscription

The license purchase entitles you to receive all new versions of XFRX and/or PDF Library for free within one year from the purchase date.

Why choose XFRX

Verified solution

The first version of XFRX was released in July 2001. Since then, XFRX has become popular among VFP developers and now it’s running on tens of thousands of computers every day.

Satisfied users

Our customers express satisfaction both with the product and the support. Please have a look at our testimonial page where we collect some of the feedback we receive.

Frequent releases

New versions of XFRX are released several times every year. However, if our customers come across a bug, we very often release a special build for them so they received the fix as soon as possible.

Constant development

The new versions not only contain bug fixes, but also significant feature additions. We’ve recently added the plain XLS option, enhanced PDF with electronic signatures and PDF/A support and other new features are currently under development.

Stonefield chooses XFRX

The award winning report writer Stonefield Query implements XFRX to generate PDF, DOC, HTML and other output formats.

West Wind recommends XFRX

Rick Strahl has added support for XFRX to Web Connection - the Visual FoxPro web development tool.

XFRX really is a great product - particularly the FDOC output - whilst the other Word output generators make it look right the thousands of text boxes in Word make it awful to edit. The FDOC is superb!

Stephen Ibbs - Data Developments, United Kingdom